research activities and expertise range from sensor analysis of geodetic satellites through geodetic data analysis methodology to modelling and application of geodetic products in hydrology, geophysics and oceanography

The Institute of Geodesy has more than 150 years of history.
Today there are two departments: 'Höhere Geodäsie' and physical & satellite geodesy

research activities

  • investigation of the system Earth, geodetic aspects of global changes
  • modelling of the gravity field based on satellite gravimetry (GOCE, GRACE)
  • design and simulation of future gravitiy field missions (NGGM)
  • application of satellite gravimetry for hydrological modelling
  • satellite altimetry: gauges of rivers and lakes, river discharge rates


The institute offers more than 20 courses in the german bachelor and master program Geodäsie und Geoinformatik and in the english master program GEOENGINE.

Since many years there are international educational cooperations and exchange programs for students with the university of Calgary (Canada) and the university of Wuhan (China).

This image showsTamara De Francesco

Tamara De Francesco


This image showsNico Sneeuw
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Nico Sneeuw

Head of Institute, Chair of Physical and Satellite Geodesy, Academic advisor

This image showsJames Foster
Prof. Dr.

James Foster

Chair of Geodetic Space Techniques

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