Additional Constellation & Scientific Analysis Studies of the Next Generation Gravity Mission Concept (ADDCON) is an scientific project supported by the European Space Agency (ESA).

This project aims at investigating possible scenarios with limited number of planned altitudes in several aspects:

  1. the optimal orbit design considering keeping same ground track pattern in certain period;
  2. the ocean tide aliasing problem and coping strategy;
  3. the value of the NGGM for atmospheric applications and services; 
  4. the strategy of acquiring near real-time solution;
  5. the improvement of near real-time services due to NGGM, with droughts mapping and flood forecast model initialization as examples.
Alias periods different scenarios.
Temporal Correlation between ESM_A (Atmosphere) and daily Wiese Solution (without mean and annual term)
Map of normalized flood potential for May of 2005 for the days 25 to 31.
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