Seismically active Mars: First results from the InSight Mars mission

February 27, 2020 /

"Marsquakes", dust devils and magnetic field pulses on Mars: Dr. Rudolf Widmer-Schnidrig from the Institute of Geodesy at the University of Stuttgart is a member of the InSight science team and is actively involved in this joint mission of NASA, the German DLR and other European partners. He carries out research into the interactions between the Martian atmosphere and the solid surface.
[Picture: JPL/Caltech/Nasa]

This image shows Rudolf Widmer-Schnidrig

Rudolf Widmer-Schnidrig


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  • My main research interest is in low-frequency seismology: observing the elasto-gravitational free oscillations of the Earth to infer mantle and core structure. Since 2000 I work at the Black Forest Observatory (BFO) where we operate sensors to observe the entire geodynamic spectrum in gravity, strain and tilt. At BFO we also tested seismometers for the InSight mission to Mars and I am now involved in the analysis of these data to study the martian interior. Most recently I have also searched for the signature of compact dark matter objects (CDOs) in terrestrial gravimeter data.
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