This image shows Siqi Ke

Siqi Ke


PhD Student
Geodätisches Institut


Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 24/D
70174 Stuttgart
Room: 5.350

  1. 2023

    1. Ke, S., Tourian, M., Sneeuw, N., Paiva, R., Durand, M., & David, C. (2023). Estimating Daily Discharge of an Entire River Network Using Space-based SWOT Observations. IUGG, Berlin, Germany.
    2. Ke, S., Tourian, M., & Sneeuw, N. (2023). Estimation of River Discharge using SWOT: full catchment coverage with optimal space and time resolution. SWOT Science Team Meeting, Toulouse, France.
    3. Tourian, M., Ke, S., Elmi, O., AghaKouchak, A., Gyawali, D., Schollmeier, P., & Wang, B. (2023). Hydrogeodesy Workshop. Hydrogeodesy Workshop, Institute of Geodesy, Universtiy of Stuttgart.
  2. 2022

    1. Sneeuw, N., Wang, B., Bao, J., Ke, S., & Tourian, M. J. (2022). Constraining river streamflow determination using bathymetry and slope from ICESat-2 satellite altimetry. EGU 2022, Vienna, Austria.
  3. 2021

    1. Tourian, M. J., Ke, S., Elmi, O., Sneeuw, N., & Durand, M. (2021). Estimation of river discharge using a mass-conserved Kalman filter approach relying on simulated SWOT observations. Frontiers of Geodetic Science digital 2021, Hannover.
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