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Sajedeh Behnia


PhD Student
Geodätisches Institut


Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 24D
70174 Stuttgart

  1. 2023

    1. Da Silva, E., Woolliams, E. R., Picot, N., Poisson, J.-C., Skourup, H., Moholdt, G., Fleury, S., Behnia, S., Favier, V., Arnaud, L., Aublanc, J., Fouqueau, V., Taburet, N., Renou, J., Yesou, H., Tarpanelli, A., Camici, S., Fredensborg Hansen, R. M., Nielsen, K., … Féménias, P. (2023). Towards Operational Fiducial Reference Measurement (FRM) Data for the Calibration and Validation of the Sentinel-3 Surface Topography Mission over Inland Waters, Sea Ice, and Land Ice. Remote Sensing, 15(19), Article 19.
  2. 2022

    1. Tourian, M. J., Behnia, S., Yu, S., Elmi, O., & Sneeuw, N. (2022). Estimation of inter-satellite and inter-track biases of satellite altimetry missions over lakes and reservoirs using surface area from satellite imagery. ESA Living Planet Symposium 2022, Bonn, Germany.
    2. Tourian, M. J., Elmi, O., Shafaghi, Y., Behnia, S., Saemian, P., Schlesinger, R., & Sneeuw, N. (2022). HydroSat: geometric quantities of the global water cycle from geodetic satellites. Earth System Science Data.
    3. Behnia, S., Woolliams, E., Schneider, N., Tourian, M. J., Sneeuw, N., Poisson, J.-C., Picot, N., Cretaux, J.-F., Piras, F., & Tarpanelli, A. (2022). Satellite altimetry Cal/Val for inland waters: How to couple FDRs and TDPs to FRMs? Metrology for Climate Action, online.
    4. Poisson, J. C., Picot, N., Yésou, H., Tarpanelli, A., Paris, A., Sneeuw, N., Behnia, S., Tourian, M., Fjortoft, R., Boy, F., Blumstein, D., Calzas, M., Cancet, M., Lucas, S., Azzoni, M., Laignel, B., Crétaux, J.-F., Calmant, S., Nielsen, K., … Férnéias, P. (2022). Towards the provision of operational FRM measurements for Sentinel-3 over inland water: procedures, protocols and roadmap. ESA Living Planet Symposium 2022, Bonn, Germany.
  3. 2021

    1. Tourian, M. J., Elmi, O., Shafaghi, Y., Behnia, S., Saemian, P., Schlesinger, R., & Sneeuw, N. (2021). HydroSat: a repository of global water cycle products from spaceborne geodetic sensors.
    2. Behnia, S., Tourian, M. J., & Sneeuw, N. (2021). Leading Edge Identification with Prior Information (LEIPI): a new approach to retracking inland altimetry waveforms.
    3. Neto, A. R., Behnia, S., Tourian, M. J., da Costa, F. A., & Sneeuw, N. (2021). Satellite altimetry over small reservoirs in the Brazilian semiarid region. RBRH.
    4. Domeneghetti, A., Molari, G., Tourian, M., Tarpanelli, A., Behnia, S., Moramarco, T., Sneeuw, N., & Brath, A. (2021). Testing the use of single- and multi-mission satellite altimetry for the calibration of hydraulic models. Advances in Water Resources, 151, 103887.
  4. 2020

    1. Tourian, M. J., Elmi, O., Behnia, S., & Sneeuw, N. (2020). Defining a retracking manifold within a radargram stack to improve satellite altimetric water level over coastal seas: A feasibility study. ESA 12th Coastal Altimetry Workshop, Frascati, Italy.
    2. Behnia, S., Tourian, M. J., & Sneeuw, N. (2020). How to Get Rid of Outliers in Time Series of Inland Altimetry?
  5. 2019

    1. Behnia, S., & Sneeuw, N. (2019). In search for an optimum outlier rejection scheme: application to altimetric time series.
    2. Behnia, S., Tourian, M., Ribeiro Neto, A., & Sneeuw, N. (2019). São Francisco as monitored by Radar Altimetry Satellites.
    3. Shrestha, P., Samaniego, L., Thober, S., Kumar, R., Behnia, S., & Rakovec, O. (2019). Towards scale independent lake-hydrology modeling in semi-arid regions: mHM lake module (mLM) development.
  6. 2018

    1. Behnia, S., Wang, T., & Sneeuw, N. (2018). What can we learn from satellite altimetry over salt flats? A case study using CryoSat-2 over Salar de Uyuni.
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