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Mo–Fr: 09–12h and 13–16h
or on appointment with Mr. Dr.-Ing. Friedrich W. Krumm.

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The library of the institute is located on the 5th upper floor of the building Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 24D, 70174 Stuttgart and primarily serves the needs of institute members and guests for scientific literature. In exceptional cases, other people are also allowed to use the library.

Monographs, series and journals of the library of the Institute of Geodesy (Library Code=93/41) are shown in the General Online Catalogue (PICA-Catalogue) of the University Library

Link to the Electronic Journals Library of the University of Stuttgart

Monographs - Subject Groups

A  -  Astronomy, time and time systems, VLBI, satellite Geodesy, terrestrial navigation, aircraft navigation, satellite navigation, aerospace
AU  -  Statistical inference, adjustment theory, mathematical statictics, probability theory
AV  -  Official surveying, reallocation of land, planning, real estate regulations, property valuation
DV  -  Data processing and computing techniques, information systems, digital terrain models, signal processing
G  -  Geodesy, physical geodesy, mathematical geodesy, geodetic differential geometry, geodetic boundary value problem, map projections, gravimetry
GG  -  History of geodesy, biographies
GIS  -  Geographic information systems
GP  -  Geophysics, geodynamics, precession, nutation, rotation of the Earth, tides, geology, hydrography
I  -  Geodetic instruments, electronics, optics
IB  -  Institute reports, conference reports, proceedings, Festschrift, general higher education, individual journal issues and individual series issues
K  -  Cartography, geography, techncal drawing, reproduction techniques
L  -  Encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, maps, bibliographies, philosophy, science theory, standards, tables
MA  -  Mathematics, differential geometry, potential theory, initial and boundary value problems, mathematical optimization
P  -  Physics, continuum mechanics, relativity theory, refraction, meteorology
R  -  Series, s. below
V  -  Surveying, mining surveying, marine geodesy
Z  -  Journals