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Figure 1: Cover Image of CryoTrack Figure 2: CryoTrack Graphical User Interface

The radar altimetry mission CryoSat-2, launched on 8 April 2010, is part of ESA's Earth Explorers series, which is focusing on the science and research elements of their Living Planet program. The focus of the CryoSat-2 mission is to measure land and sea ice surfaces. Changes in their thickness and extent help to understand how those areas are affected by climate change.

The CryoSat-2 mission focuses on monitoring the Earth's land and sea ice surfaces. However, its potential to monitor inland water bodies has also been acknowledged by previous studies. Therefore, a Graphical User Interface based on MATLAB, CryoTrack, is developed to simplify the use of CryoSat-2 data for hydrological purposes. It can visualize the tracks of CryoSat-2 on a global scale. Working for all three SIRAL modes, it offers a fast and easy way to find and to look at the measurements in the area of interest. By accessing the CryoSat-2 L1 and L2 product database it can visualize different measurements of a selected track, e.g. the returned waveform of every single radar measurements. As this GUI is designed for hydrological purposes, shapefiles of important lakes and rivers are also included in the directory of software. The location of every intersection between a track and a river is computed automatically and marked in the measurement figures to simplify the referencing of every single 20Hz measurement. A useful way to check your tracks is to export your selection into Google Earth. The software was originally developed for hydrological purposes but it is also suitable for other applications.

CryoTrack v1.1 MATLAB GUI for visualization and analysis of CryoSat-2 data
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