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Physical Geodesy

General Information
Programme:GEOENGINE (M. Sc.)
Semester:2nd semester
Module:41230 Geodesy

Lecturer:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Nico Sneeuw
Course load:2 SWS
Room:M 11.91 (K1, Keplerstr. 11)
Time:Monday, 9:45–11:15
Contents:Physical Geodesy deals with the measurement and representation of the Earth's gravity field. In this module section, the student will appreciate the role of the geoid as a natural height reference and will learn about spherical and ellipsoidal approximations. Course components are: Newtonian gravity, potential theory, boundary value problems, height systems, gravimetry, gravity field satellite missions, geodynamics and tides.
Pre-requisites:Knowledge of Advanced Mathematics (Module 1).
Recommended Literature:
  • B. Hofmann-Wellenhof, H. Moritz (2005): Physical Geodesy, Springer Verlag
  • W. Torge (2001): Geodesy, de Gruyter

Tutor:Dr.-Ing. Mohammad J. Tourian
Course load:1 SWS
Room:M 24.01 (Geschw.-Scholl-Str. 24D)
Time:Wednesday, 9:45–10:30