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Foundations of Satellite Geodesy

General Information
Programme:GEOENGINE (M. Sc.)
Semester:3rd semester
Module:48420 Satellite Geodesy

Lecturer:Prof. Dr. sc. techn. Wolfgang Keller
Course load:2 SWS
Room:2.370 (Geschw.-Scholl-Str. 24D)
Time:Thursday, 09:45–11:15
Friday, 10:45–12:15
Contents:Satellite-geodetic observations are based on the observation of an electromagnetic wave travelling between the satellite and the observer. In order to relate these observations to coordinates, the following items have to be understood:
  • Time-systems
  • Reference-systems and reference-frames
  • Propagation of electromagnetic waves in dispersive and refractive media
  • Motion of an artificial satellite in the gravitational field of the Earth
The lecture is to provide the necessary knowledge about the above mentioned items and to enable the students to compute the resulting correction terms to satellite-geodetic observations.
Recommended Literature:
  • G. Seeber (1993), Satellite Geodesy, de Gruyter
  • B. Hofmann-Wellenhof, H. Lichtenegger and J. Collins (1997), GPS - Theory and Practice, Springer
Material:Lecture Notes

Tutor:Prof. Dr. sc. techn. Wolfgang Keller
Course load:1 SWS
Room:M 17.81
2.370 (Geschw.-Scholl-Str. 24D)
Time:Thursday, 11:30–12:15
Friday, 12:15–13:00