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Advanced Mathematics

General Information
Programme:GEOENGINE (M. Sc.)
Semester:1st semester
Module:41210 Advanced Mathematics

Lecturer:Prof. Dr. sc. techn. Wolfgang Keller
Course load:3 SWS
Room:M 24.01 (Geschw.-Scholl-Str. 24D)
Time:Wednesday, 9:30–11:45
Contents:The module aims at an establishment of a common level for all students, smoothing out differences in their individual entry levels. The module will provide secure skills in calculus, potential theory, theory of differential equations and Fourier analysis for later use in the other modules of the GEOENGINE curriculum. After a repetition of the elementary calculus the main focus will be on the subjects
  • Vector analysis,
  • Integral theorems,
  • Special functions,
  • Ordinary and partial differential equations,
  • Potential theory.
Pre-requisites:Skills in Calculus to an extent, which is usually provided by an undergraduate mathematics course.
Recommended textbooks:Kreyszig, E. (1999, 2006): Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Wiley & Sons

Tutor:Dr.-Ing. Markus Antoni
Course load:2 SWS
Room:Room 2.370 (Geschw.-Scholl-Str. 24D)
Time:Wednesday, 14:00–15:30